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Greenland Gown

14th C. Shift

Hood with Liripipe

Briaca's childrenThese are my children in their first garb.

My daughter is wearing a muslin chemise with a ribbon gathered neckline, linen t-tunic (ankle length), and a linen surcoat.

My son is wearing a muslin chemise/shirt with a ribbon gathered neckline, a linen t-tunic (knee length), and a wool hood with liripipe.

They are proudly holding their brand new boffers.

I made the t-tunics from the instructions (Practical Worksheet for Tunic Construction at Cynthia Virtue's (aka Cynthia du Pré Argent) web site, but I made some alterations to make them work better for children.

These are my recommendations:

I did not know about this neck finishing technique when I made these tunics, but I'd recommend giving it a try. Reverse Facings

The pattern I used for the chemises is no longer available.

The hood was made based on these instructions: How to be a HOOD-lum: Medieval hoods at Cynthia Virtue's site. I don't have a close up picture of the child's hood, but it is very similar to the 14th Century Hood with Liripipe.

In addition to the clothing, I made vinyl spats for the kids, but these soon got wet and muddy and fell off.

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